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Some Simple Tips to Get Rid Of House Insects

house insects

house insects

Crawling insects is a big problem in every home. Using insecticides is considered a traditional way to get rid of them but this treatment might be harmful for minors. It could be fatal if enters the body through breathing or eating.

Here are some of the non-poisonous and environment friendly tips which can be used to get rid of these house insects without any danger of further complications.

To get rid of mosquitoes

Stagnant water in houses or gardens are the ideal places for mosquito breeding. It is essential to clean leaking sewerage and stagnant water in the house. Don’t put water in open containers unnecessarily. Water tanks on the roof or underground even swimming pools should be covered. Lawn grass needs to be trimmed regularly. Cover all windows and ventilators in the house with wire gauze. This would help avoid insects entering the home. There are certain plants that act as mosquito repellants. These can also be grown in the house.

To get rid of house flies

Flies often gather on garbage, spoiled fruits, remaining food, human and animal excretions, polluted water and soil. They lay their eggs at these places. You need to keep your eating place clean. All remaining food should be covered with aluminum foil. Sugar, flour and spices should be stored in sealed plastic bags or air tight glass jars. Eliminate the garbage properly out of the house and don’t keep the dirty pots in the sink for long.

To get rid of flies, make a solution by mixing one part of dish washing soap to 3 parts of water. Put it in a spray bottle and use where the flies gather most. This will be effective in controlling fly population.

To get rid of ants

As humans, we have a learnt a lot from ants but their presence in our home has always been an embarrassment. Their favorite food includes everything but they are attracted more to sweet food items including sweets, fruits and juice. They make their houses at warm and moist places like between two walls, under the soil and holes in house entry points. If you ignore their presence, they multiply too quickly. Simple way to get rid of them is borax acid. Whenever you see a queue of ants, sprinkle some boric acid or borax powder. You can also spread some boric acid mixed with flour and sugar near their colonies. Boric acid will quickly clean sweep all ants from that place.

To get rid of cockroaches

You can refer to another article on this website for details ways to get rid of cockroaches. They often come out at night and can be as long as one inch. They grow in bathrooms, kitchens, near hot water pipes and other warm and moist shady places. But practically they can live anywhere. They are attracted to any type of food item. So all eating and food preparing places in the house should be kept clean and dry. Empty your house dustbins regularly, wash your pots after every meal, keep your dining table clean and keep your kitchen drains open and clean. These measure would help you control the germs spread by cockroaches.

If you have huge number of cockroaches growing in your house, try this simple but effective tip. To a small spoon of butter, add one spoon of sugar, boric acid, flour and water. Mix these items thoroughly to make a paste. Make small balls of this paste and place them near cockroach breeding places like sink, kitchen slabs, around over and hearth. These balls will soon eliminate cockroaches from these places.

To get rid of fleas

Fleas suck animal as well as human blood. They contain certain disease germs that are transferred to human body while sucking blood. If you or your pets are being attacked by fleas, remove them physically from the body with a sharp forceps. Apply some ointment or lotion to avoid the effect. During this time, you might experience mild fever and body pain and swelling on the skin. Put the removed flea in a plastic bag to show it to the doctor. This would be helpful in proper diagnosis.

Fleas can also develop in your pet’s hair. To avoid this, comb your pets regularly. Keep a close eye on the situation of the hair. Regularly clean your carpets with a vacuum cleaner. Keep your wooden furniture clean as fleas can hide and grow under this furniture too.

To get rid of rats

Rats are the worst source to spread plague in the house. Their body wastes contain fatal germs to cause different diseases. They can spread these germs all around you. The best way to keep rats away from entering your house is to fill the empty holes between walls and the floor. Get the damaged drains repaired. Have the old ceiling pipe fixed. Put the garbage in tightly closed tins. Throw away all the old wooden furniture and planks as these prove the best living places for rats. The best way to keep these rats away from your house is to keep your house repaired and keep the edibles hidden from them. They are readily attracted by edibles in the house. They leave the place if they find no food there.

Mint smell, human hair, ammonia, cow dung and black pepper are best repellents for rats. Cats and dogs can also be helpful in getting rid of rats in the house. Mouse traps are useful.

Keeping the house clean is directly related to your health and avoidance of these insects. If you keep your house clean, you might even not need to try any of these tips.

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