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How to use fun time to get rid of obesity

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Getting rid of additional weight

Controlling weight when it has gone out of control is often considered a tough job. However, you can do it with a little effort and I am sure you will enjoy this idea of losing weight that involves fun. Therefore, if you are willing to get rid of obesity without joining the gym, it is not a very tough task. With a fun workout, it becomes a thing to enjoy.

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy your calories burn.

Running for fun

Kids always love to run. If you have enjoyed running in water, that involves a bit more effort than running on the ground, you can try it now. If you are able to do it about 30 minutes a day, it will definitely help you lose about 150 calories.


Climbing a hill is always a fun as well as calorie burner. 30 minutes’ workout will help you lose 267 calories. You can plan this when you have plans to visit a hill station.

Playing with a ball

This is true that practical life is too busy and you have no time to play football. To make most out of the time you have available, you can modify this game a bit according to the available time. Instead of going to the playground, you can do it at home by kicking the ball against the wall for 30 minutes. This activity will definitely lose 250 calories for you.

Cycle riding

Enjoy the ride of a bicycle as you did in the childhood. If you do it for about 30 minutes, you will lose 285 calories. Even if you do not go very fast, cycling at mild speed will help you lose 214 calories at least. Therefore, it is a good option to enjoy while losing weight.


Swimming is one of the best exercises that involves most muscles of the body. Dive in the nearby swimming pool whenever you get time. 30 minutes’ staying in the pool moving help you lose 250 calories.

Catching a ball

This is really a fun. If you cannot manage to do something, this is the least you can do. Try catching a ball at home, even in the room. If you can continue for 30 minutes, you will lose 90 calories.


As it is said, ‘anybody can dance’, so can you. It does not matter whether you know how to dance or not. The objective here is to move your body parts. If you keep moving, around for about half an hour and it will burn more than 150 calories for you.

Domestic activity

Hard work is not necessary while staying at home. Minor home activities can help you lose 200 calories in 30 minutes. This will have dual benefits, your family will be happy with your involvement in the work and you will burn some of your calories.

Roller blade

Encourage yourself to skate on the road. This is really a fun activity. If you do this for half an hour, you will lose 428 calories.


Enjoy playing basketball in the nearby park for half an hour and 214 calories are gone from your body.

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