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How to Take Good Care Of Your Eyes

healthy eyes

healthy eyes

A weak eyesight have become a common problem now a days. We see children wearing spectacles from very early age. Here are some of the ways that you can adopt to keep your eyesight in the best form and can avoid the glasses. These measures help you keep your eyes healthy and your eyesight strong.

Eat fish twice a week

Fish and other sea foods are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which is helpful in saving the eyes from ‘dry eye’ disease. If you don’t like eating fish, you can use cod oil capsules after consultation with your doctor to get these benefits.

Always use goggles

Whenever you go for a swim or are engaged any wood work, always use safety goggles. Using goggles during swimming helps the eyes against chlorine added in the water of swimming pools to kill germs. While wearing goggles at wood work saves you from wood particles entering the eyes and injuring the retina of the eyes.

Avoid dry air

Always make this a habit to keep the direction of car AC wind towards your feet instead of eyes. Dry air coming directly to eyes absorbs the moisture and eyes get dry. Always try direct exposure to car AC air. Extreme dryness in eyes can lead to scratches on retina and even cause blindness.

Go for red onion

Always use red onion in your food. This type of onion contains more antioxidants which protects the eyes against cataracts.

Use sunglasses outdoor

Whenever you move out, use sunglasses as eye protection. It not only helps against harmful sun rays, but also resists against getting the eyes dry with air during walking.

Use sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are full of Vitamin A, so use them frequently whenever you get a chance in the season. It is the best food to improve vision during night and also helps against foggy vision.

Clean your eyes before going to bed

Women should be extremely careful and should remove their make up from eyes before going to bed at night. If you wear contact lenses, make sure to remove it before going to sleep. Small makeup particles may get inside the eye and cause injuries to the retina or cause irritation. Sleeping with contact lenses also increases chances of further complications.

Keeping a separate towel

Always use a new or at least your own towel every time you clean your face. Using a common towel by all increases the chances of eye infections. If someone is already infected, then you are sure to get that.

Using spinach twice a week

Spinach can be eaten in multiple ways and it doesn’t matter. Only thing to note is that it is good for eyes. You just need to make a habit to use it. Spinach contains lutein which is considered to be effective for controlling eye muscle weakness during aging.

Take rest

If you are working on a computer or reading a book, you need to take a break every 30 minutes. Focus your eyes somewhere far away for at least 30 seconds. This will help your eyes to relax and reduce the pressure caused by continuous look on the book or screen.

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