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How to Remove Clothes’ Wrinkles without the Iron



What will you do if you are in a hurry and can’t find an iron or it is out of order?

No worries, if you don’t have the iron at hand when needed, you have a few things around you which are helpful in removing the wrinkles of your clothes. Here are some of the methods that can help you out as an alternate of pressing iron.

Using a hair dryer

If you are in a hurry for pressing your clothes and the pressing iron is out of order, then don’t panic. Plug in your hair dryer and keep it about 1-2 inches away from your clothes. All wrinkles on the clothes will be removed by this and clothes would be able to be worn.

Using a wet towel

Keep your clothes on a plane surface and put a wet towel on them. Press a little downward with hands. This will remove the wrinkles on the clothes. This can also be useful to make a crease on them you want one. Later hang the clothes for a while so that they get dry. Then you can wear them.

Vinegar is also useful

White vinegar is a good and economical alternate free of chemicals to be used for removing wrinkles. Take three portion water and one portion white vinegar and mix them in a spray bottle. Then spray it on the clothes. Let the clothes dry in air. You will be amazed to see how clean and straight they look after this trick.

Using kettle steam

Heat some water in tea kettle. When the water starts boiling, use this steam from around one foot away on the clothes. This steam will help remove the wrinkles.

Using a pot with plane base as iron

In a metal pot with plane base, boil some water. After the water is boiled, use the base of the pot as pressing iron to remove clothes’ wrinkles.

Try a hair straightener

If you have a hair straightener, this could also prove a good tool to remove cloth wrinkles, particularly the collar part of the shirt where it is not easy to use iron. But make sure all hair are cleaned from the straightener before using it for such purpose.

We hope these tips would be useful when there is a need to do the task in less time and without the pressing iron.

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