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How to Cure Bad Breath

bad breathWhether it is bad breath or the stinking smell from the feet, it always causes embarrassment in a gathering.

Not the whole human body releases odor but these are some specific parts that are involved in such a situation. Men’s feet particularly smell badly due to perspiration because they use closed shoes for longer period of time. If they remove the shoes for some time, you won’t be able to sit near them due to the stinking smell from their feet. Similarly bad breath is a common problem and creates a situation of embarrassment. Imagine the level of embarrassment of a person who is the cause of such a situation. There is no particular medicine to stop mouth or feet odor but certain preventive measures and simple tips can help improve the conditions.

Use of water

In addition to using excess of water, also try gargles with water. Dehydration is the main cause of bad breath so the better way is to treat it with hydration. When your body is dehydrated, the ability to produce saliva in the mouth decreases and this deficiency results in bad breath.

Taking Vitamin C

Orange, lemon and other citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C which helps to keep the mouth fresh and lessens the chances of bad breath. Add citrus fruits in your routine diet and that would definitely help you get rid of the situation.

Adding Apples to your fruit choices

Saliva production system is activated when we bite an apple with our teeth. This ultimately helps to clean up the mouth by creating more saliva and removing food particles from the mouth. As a result, the chances of odor are decreased.

Addition of cinnamon to the tea

According to food experts, cinnamon added to the tea helps keep the mouth and the breath fresh. Make it a habit to take tea with cinnamon at least once a day. This will definitely help.

Use of mint in food

Regular usage of mint in daily diet is an effective way to get rid of bad breath. You might have heard about addition of mint in many toothpaste ads. This is due to the reason that it helps to freshen up. To remove any false odor from the mouth, increase the use of mint in your diet.

Personal hygiene

The best practice to keep yourself fresh and away from any embarrassing situation is to take of your personal hygiene. Keep your feet neat and dry after taking shower. Take care of the spaced between toes to make sure they are dried. If they remain damp, they will cause some fungal infection or odor generation. Don’t use the same pair of shoes throughout the week. If you don’t have spare shoes, wash your socks regularly and keep them at some open place to remove any odor.

Anti-odor powder

Use some anti-odor powder or spray to kill any chances of odor generation from the feet. Don’t keep your shoes at a closed place for long.

Using open shoes

If the weather permits, try wearing open shoes always like a sandal. This would help avoid odor from the feet and they remain properly aired in the open shoes.

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