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How to Clean Up With Your Foods

clean up with foodsTomato ketchup is really tasty but do you know that it is good to polish the copper as well. Yes, you might be surprised to know but this is true. Not only ketchup works as a cleaner but many of our other foods have similar effects. If they dirty our clothes, also keep in mind they also clean well. Here are some details of these interesting and surprising foods that, along with providing energy to the body, also work as cleaners. You need to keep them in mind while looking for cleaners to clean out certain things.

Banana peel is best to polish silver

Don’t throw away banana peels if you have rusted silver utensils at home. Rub the peel on those rusted parts of the articles and they will start shinning like they are new.

Cucumber peels to erase marks from the wall or tables

Cucumber is the best item if you are talking about cleanliness. So far we have known them to be good for stomach only, but they also work to remove marks from the upper side of the table as well as walls. If you want to avoid fogging on bathroom mirror, just rub the cucumber peel once on the mirror and you will be surprised to see the results.

Use ketchup to shine your copper articles

If you want to polish copper items, pour some amount of ketchup in a cloth and cover the article with this cloth for about half an hour. The acidity present in ketchup will work against the copper rust and it will be removed completely. The article will shine as new.

Onion to clean metal rods

If barbeques are frequently made at your house, you might have faced the problem of cleaning the metal rods after use for cooking. Meat fat sticks to the rods and it is very difficult to remove it from there. The simple solution to this problem is the onion. Heat up the rods for a while and clean it with an onion with the help of a handle.

Walnut to remove scratches on wooden furniture

If you are worried about the scratches on your furniture and are finding no way how to fix it, walnut is there to serve you. Peel the walnut and take out the edible part, rub it on the scratches. After that rub your finger on those scratches to help the oil get absorbed in the wood. Wait for about five minutes and clean the place with a soft cloth. You will be surprised to see that the place has no more scratches left in that area.

White bread to collect broken glass

It is a very hard job to collect pieces of broken glass is the situation arises at home. This could result from many children playing together or a sudden accident. The simple solution to collect all the minute pieces of broken glass is to do it with the piece of a white bread. Press the piece of the bread at the placed of broken glass and all the small pieces will cling to it. The place will be clean from the glass clutter.

Rice to clean the grinder

Take a small amount of raw rice and put it in the grinder. Grind it well until it turns into a fine powder. Take it out and you will see that all the spices at the base of the grinder are no more there. The grinding pot will be clean and clear. Use a simple cloth to further clean the grinding pot.

Corn porridge to remove grease

This porridge has the surprising ability to clean grease and fat marks from the clothes. Cover the mark with porridge and wait for about 15 – 20 minutes. When you will remove the porridge, it will absorb all the ingredients of the mark and nothing will be left behind. You can wash the cloth normally after that.

Coke to clean the toilet

The acidity present in the coke is helpful in cleaning the marks on the toilet. If your toilet is full of marks, pour a can of coke on the toilet and leave it there for an hour. Flush all the coke after that and you will find the toilet shining brightly.

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