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Foods that help reduce blood pressure

Foods for Blood Pressure

Good Foods for Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is considered a silent killer if not taken care of. Foods we take in play an important role in maintaining the blood pressure in the body. If you are a patient of blood pressure, you are always advised to stay away from salty foods to keep blood pressure normal as salt is always involved in the increase of blood pressure. Due to this restriction, the people suffering from blood pressure are not able to enjoy all the foods they like. This deficiency can be compensated in different ways. There are certain foods that can help you maintain your blood pressure along with being tasty. Here are some of them.


This delicious fruit is full of calcium and helps in regulating blood pressure. The minerals included in banana help to normalize body salts and regulate the kidney functions. According to a research, eating two bananas everyday can reduce the blood pressure up to 10%.

Egg White

Using egg white in the breakfast can suffice your need for protein along with keeping the blood pressure level under control. This has been proved by medical sciences. This is thus a good way of getting proteins for the body without increasing blood pressure.


Tomato is full of lycopene, which is a helpful ingredient against blood pressure. According to a research conducted in Australia, if you consume 25mg of lycopene in your daily diet, you are able to control your cholesterol level up to 10%.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is the all-time favorite food for all that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. A research proves that if pressure patients continue eating dark chocolate in a certain amount for 18 weeks, blood pressure can be controlled up to 20%.


Everyone likes to enjoy the yummy taste of cold watermelon in hot summers. Science has proved that watermelon helps to control blood circulation and blood pressure in the body.


This ingredient is added in most foods and desserts. Using raisins daily in small quantity will help you control blood pressure on regular basis.

Herbal tea

If you are unable to change your eating habits, using herbal tea instead of regular tea or coffee can help you control your blood pressure. Using three cups of herbal tea for six weeks can reduce blood pressure up to seven points. It seems a little improvement but the medical experts say that even a minor decrease in blood pressure level can have healthy effects on the heart and chances of heart complications are reduced to a great extent.

Trying to adopt all or some of these eating habits will definitely have improvement regarding blood pressure and the person will be able to enjoy the life in a better way.

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