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Five foods that will make you smarter

Balanced food

Balanced food

Some of these foods improve your memory while others have wonderful effects on mental functions. There are certainly some foods that make you smart. Some of them are mentioned below.


Most common problem encountered by most of us these days is the quick memory loss. We often forget our daily activities or a part of them. This includes when to go where, who to call at what time or what to prepare for food. Therefore, if you want to improve your memory, oily fish is much helpful in that. Experts say that the Omega 3 fatty acid found in the fish is very much helpful for our brain.

Leafy vegetables

This is true that most of us do not like vegetables and show a feeling of disapproval when they see vegetables on a menu. However, this is an established fact that your mental health depends a lot on vegetables particularly those on leafy ones. Spinach and cauliflower are rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants, which are a good reason for the health of our body. Besides this, there is an ingredient, which is helpful in collecting all the information in our mind and keep them in memory.


Eggs are the best food for mind as they are rich in minerals and vitamins. Eggs should be a compulsory part of your diet as they contain iron, iodine and vitamin B12. Iron helps in the making of red blood cells in the body, which supply oxygen to all parts of the body. This activity keeps you active and alert in difficult situations. Intake of iodine helps the ability to resolve problems.

Green Tea

We all know that about 80% of our brain is composed of water. It means you need a lot of water on regular basis to improve mental activities. Although intake of eight glasses of water is a good practice for mental health, but you should also make this a habit to take one cup of green tea every day. Medical experts are of the opinion that green tea increases the alertness of the brain and the memory becomes stronger. The antioxidants included in green help a lot to decrease the danger of mental degradation or dementia.


Chocolate is full of flavonoids that speeds up the mental growth. New nerve cells are created by the use of chocolate, which makes it easier to arrange and control new memories. This sweet blessing improves the flow of blood towards the brain.

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