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Eating eggs to get smart and healthy

Eggs are good for healthEggs are good to look at but their regular use in our diet help us get inner and outer physical health. Their moderate usage helps to control cholesterol level.

Eggs are good to conceive beautiful babies

Eggs should be a regular part of meal for a pregnant woman because they are full of Vitamin B, which helps to nourish mental growth of children. It also reduces the chances of mental diseases in kids.

Eggs reduce the need of additional meal in the evening

Having a protein rich breakfast helps to avoid more food in other parts of the day, particularly during evening. As eggs contains more proteins, they help to reduce the desire to eat more sweets or chips, which results in weight gain for the body.

Eggs improve your ability to react

A new research has been conducted on eggs that further supports the benefits of eating eggs. The amino acids in the eggs, which are the building blocks of proteins help, improve the ability to react among the people. It was mentioned in the research that prompt decisions in difficult situations, for example, during driving helps avoid traffic accidents.

Eggs reduce blood pressure

The proteins available in the eggs help reduce blood pressure of the body. Controlled blood pressure further reduces the chances of a heart attack and further complications.

This should be kept in mind that egg usage should not be limited to breakfast only. They can be enjoyed in many different ways during different times of the day. Hard-boiled eggs can be used as snacks during afternoon. They are also a good resource of energy before any physical activity. So if plan to have a physical activity like running, eggs are a good option to regain your energy. Eggs can be combined with onion, spinach, and broccoli to make a tasty omelet that can be enjoyed in the lunch or at dinnertime.

Only thing that need to be taken care of is the overall amount of protein intake in a day. It should not be more than the specified limit for every individual based on the age and gender. A dietician can guide better in this regard.

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