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Common Habits That Lead to Tiredness

bad habitsDo you really feel tired most of the time during the day, or while working on something? If it is so, it is not only the sleep deprivation that is leading to tiredness. There are some small things that contribute to this situation. These are the bad habits which make you tired and you are left behind in the walk of life due to this tiredness. Here are some details on those bad habits.

Avoiding exercise

If you are trying to avoid exercise only because you want to save your body energy, it goes against you. According to an American research, if people addicted to a healthy but slow life style make it their habit to do some exercise for about twenty minutes only thrice a week, they are less prone to tiredness and remain active throughout the day. A regular exercise increased physical strength and your circulatory system works better.

Less usage of water

Dehydration or a little deficiency of water (even up to 2%) affects the storage of energy in the body. This dehydration reduced the amount of blood in the body making it concentrated. This affects the flow of blood through the heart. As a result, the supply of oxygen to the muscles and body organs decreases which results in tiredness.

Lack of iron use

Iron deficiency in the body makes you weak. You lose the ability to concentrate on things, become lazy and easily irritated. Due to lack of iron, less oxygen is transported towards the cells and muscles which results in tiredness. Continuous lack of iron results in serious problems. However green vegetables, eggs, nuts and fruits rich in vitamin C can help avoid the bad situation.

Perfectionist attitude

To be perfect in everything is impossible. For that you have to work more than what is needed and have to spend more energy for extended period of time. According to a research, if you set an aim for yourself which is impossible to achieve, you will be unsatisfied from your life at the end. This would result in mental exhaustion and laziness in later life.

Unnecessary worries

If you feel worried that your boss will fire you at any time without any valid reason, or you are afraid of the accident even before riding a bicycle, then you are a pessimist person. Feeling terrorized all the time will make your mentally paralyzed. You will also be very weak physically. Meditation, moving out of the house for a while, exercise and sharing your fears with your friends will help a lot to improve your situation and you can get rid of this hopelessness.

Not having breakfast

After the dinner, your body utilizes the energy from that food for pumping blood and oxygen to all parts of the body during your sleep. When you wake up in the morning, there is a need to provide more fuel for the energy. Leaving the breakfast in this situation will lead you to be lazy and sluggish.

Depending on junk food

Sweet and fiber-rich foods increase the amount of sugar in the body which suddenly goes down after a while due to its utilization. This up and down of sugar level will make you tired. Only a balanced diet will keep you active and alert throughout the day.

Hard to resist

Many people request you to spend your energy and a happy time for them, particularly when the one requesting so is not one of your loved ones and you don’t like him much. Even then you are unable to refuse. These things prove fatal and contribute in turning your mode to be sad and full of anger.

Poorly organized office

Poorly organized office make you mentally tired which affects your ability to contribute and limits the analytic power of the brain. If you don’t place your things in office rightly at the end of the day, the next day will start with a feeling of tiredness. That will mentally affect you.

Working during holidays

Checking your emails during rest time at home increases the risk of losing physical energy. At such a time, it is better to stay away from technology and leave the brain and body free of office work. This will help improve your mental condition.

Using mobile phone at sleep time

Light of a tablet, smartphone or laptop at the sleeping place badly affects your sleep because the hormone is affected which regulates your sleep. This ultimately affects the sleep and the day starts with a feeling of tiredness.

Dependence of caffeine

Starting the day with tea of caffeine is harmful for health. Instead three cups of coffee in a day are better for you but excessive use of caffeine affects the cycle of sleep and waking very badly. This results in a feeling of tiredness throughout the day.

Sleeping late on a holiday

Waking up throughout the night on Saturday and keep sleeping till late on Sunday makes it difficult to go to bed on Sunday evening. This ultimately results lack of sleep on Monday morning. We are all aware that lack of sleep increases the feeling of tiredness in the body.

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