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Cold drinks are not that good for health

Cold drinks are not that good

Cold drinks are not that good

Use of cold drinks have become a fashion now. It is an integral part of every feast whether in the house or outside in a restaurant. The news here is not very good for those who are very much fond of cold drinks especially in parties and dinners. It has been mentioned by a research that excessive use of cold drinks can lead to heart complications including heart attack. This has been revealed in a research conducted in America. According to this research, using three cans of cold drinks in a single day for extended period increases the chances of heart problems three times more than normal. Relationship of drinks made with sugar and heart problems was the topic to study in that research. It was mentioned in the research results that major percentage of our younger generation try to get calories through sweetened drinks, which increases the chances of having heart problems. The research mentioned that a harmful type of fat is commonly used in cold drinks. The fat is not digested properly and increases the risk of heart attack. Use of sugar to get energy is not a bad idea but excessive use of everything, in this case, sugar increases body weight, which ultimately contributes largely to heart problems. It should be kept in mind that excessive intake of calories needs to be balanced through different workouts so that it is not stored in the body and is well utilized. Regular exercise is the key to a happy and healthy living. Spending at least half an hour in exercise will definitely help you live younger, stronger and healthier.

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