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Are You Making These 7 Mistakes in Breakfast?

breakfast-habitTo remain physically fit, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but only if you follow certain rules. There are certain habits that make your breakfast less healthy rather harmful. Are you aware of these habits? Please pay attention.

Taking a different breakfast everyday

According to a recent British research, people who use different meal items in their breakfast, they run 90% more chances to increase their waistline or becoming obese. It also increases the risk of heart complications.

Delaying your breakfast

If you don’t feel hungry after you get up in the morning, you need to take a note of your eating habits. Possibly you are taking a heavy meal at night. It is better to eat something in the morning even if you don’t feel hungry. It may an apple or a banana. This will help body metabolism to start working.

Haste in breakfast

If you are in a hurry to leave for office or somewhere else and eat while you are moving, this habit proves unhealthy to fill your gut. This results in a quick hunger soon at the start of the day at your work. This forces you to eat unhealthy items from the bazar which results in obesity. Eating quickly without proper chewing also have negative effects on the digestive system.

Using sweet items

Using cereals in the breakfast increases sugar level in the body because a lot of sugar is used in its manufacture. As a result, a small quantity of cereals makes you feel full and the sweetness increase the blood sugar level. This results in early hunger feelings which forces you to be attentive towards junk food.

Using fat free milk

Using fat free milk to reduce body weight sounds like a good option but how would the body be benefited if it is not able to digest that milk. Simple milk is a better option for breakfast. Fat free milk can be used at some other time of the day.

Avoiding proteins and healthy fats

Protein are rich source of energy for the body while healthy fats help to fill in the stomach and cater for untimely hunger. So having a breakfast rich in proteins and healthy fats like eggs, almonds, butter and yogurt is the best option for the body.

Taking tea or coffee while being empty stomach

Taking tea or coffee the first thing in the morning proves quite acidic for the body which forces us to take less meal in the breakfast. This promotes to take junk food during the day. Actually this habit is harmful to maintain a hunger and energy level and the ability to focus.

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