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9 Symptoms That Show Problem with Liver

fatty-liver-diseaseEven if you avoid drinking, your life style can harm your liver. The increase of fats on the liver is a sign that you should never ignore. This is a situation in which a layer of fat is accumulated on the liver which can further result in different diseases.

There are no specific symptoms of liver being fatty but there are certain situation which help you diagnose the actual situation.

Feeling hungry all the time

One of the initial symptoms of issues with liver is to feel hungry all the time. The person desires to have sweet food all the time. This eating habit results in accumulating more fat on the liver. According to medical experts, if you take in food rich in more calories or eat more carbohydrates, this could result in serious situations.


Obesity has become a global problem now. According to a research done in California University, people who have additional fat accumulated around their belly meaning those who become obese, they are at a higher risk of developing fat on the liver. This is actually the starting phase of this disease.

Higher cholesterol level

Higher fat level in the blood or cholesterol is also a sign that your liver is being fatty and you need to pay attention to that. In fact, the rise of cholesterol level in the blood is the result of the fats released from liver.


According to medical experts, if you are diabetic, you need to make it a habit to have your liver fat level checked regularly. According to a research done in America, people who suffer from diabetes have 65% higher chances of developing liver complications. And most of the time, they are not aware of that.

Higher blood pressure level

It was noted in a German research that people who suffer from high blood pressure have three times more risk of liver issues than other people. In case of liver complications, it is very important to regularly check blood pressure and maintain a good heart health. Otherwise, it could lead to severe conditions even death.

Family History

If a close relative in your family suffers from liver fat disease, you have 13% more chances of developing it. This factor can also transfer genetically from parents to children.

Feeling tired all the time

There is no external physical sign that can tell you something is wrong with your liver. It can only be confirmed by blood or liver tests. But when the disease gets worse, the person feels tired and week. These are the usual symptoms. If you are feeling tired and week all the time and this has not happened in the past, then you should consult your doctor immediately.

Pain in stomach

If you feel pain in the upper right side of the stomach, it is also a symptom that there might be something wrong with the stomach. Liver secretion can accumulate in the stomach that could lead to infection which will result in stomach pain. Similarly if you don’t feel hungry for most of the time, though you are doing physical work, this is also a sign that you need to take care of you liver.

Confusion in thoughts

If you feel confused and stressed in every matter, this might a sign that your liver has some severe problem. As the liver is unable to do its work regularly, the poisonous secretion enters blood stream and reaches brain. If you feel confused a lot, please consult your doctor.

This article is only for general information. The readers should consult their physicians for further diagnosis.

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