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9 Foods to Keep You Young Forever

Healthy foods

Healthy foods

We are often told what to eat and what not to eat. Is that really true? In fact, our diet not only affects our health but also our age and personality. If you wish to look young or middle aged even at your 50s, and that too without any plastic surgery or medicines, you need to try some of these foods which have surprising capabilities to make you look younger than you actually are. Read through and know about the foods that keep you attractive throughout whole of your life.


Vitamin C is necessary to keep up the young age are oranges are full of vitamin C. they also contain another ingredient called bio-flavonoids which protects the skin again sunrays and helps the skin cells live longer.

Pear and Avocado

Pear and Avocado are the best source of vitamin E which contains large amount of beta carotene. In addition to keeping the brightness of the skin, this ingredient also saves the skin from getting old.


Whether strawberries or blueberries, all are good for an attractive personality in addition to benefiting the general health. The skin glows with their usage and the chances of wrinkles decrease to a great extent. Berries also help in keeping good memory and recovery from memory loss.


This delicious vegetable which is full of beta carotene delivers freshness to your skin and also works as a powerful antioxidant. This as a result helps slow down the aging process.


Having one glass of pomegranate juice daily keeps you away from wrinkles. It also maintains cholesterol and blood pressure level of the body. Moreover, it is a good source of antioxidants which help a lot in keeping us younger.


An essential fatty acid, omega 3, which is found in fish, helps glow the skin and keep it fresh. It also saves the skin from dryness and getting old before time. If you don’t include a healthy fat in your diet, you may suffer from skin dryness and wrinkles at a very early age.

Red grapes

In the peel of red grapes, there is an element which keeps your skin soft, flexible and good looking. In addition to that, it also provides protection from sunrays.


Cabbage is a super food for people of all ages because the antioxidants included in this vegetable help to save you from the after effects of body’s growth with age. Thus it protects our body against premature old age and different diseases.

Olive Oil

You will be surprised to know the reason behind the health of the people living in Europe. The open secret for their health is the frequent use of olive oil. This oil helps save the skin against pollution and you look healthy and attractive.

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