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9 best diets to avoid weight gain

best foods for health

best foods for health

No one likes to get fat but anyone can fall a victim to it unknowingly. Once caught, everyone tries to get back the smartness by heavy and tough workouts. Science has proved that dieting does not help much to lose weight. The best thing you can do is to replace your meal options with these healthy diets that definitely play their role in keeping your body weight under control. You will be able to control your body weight without remaining hungry and enjoying a great taste of these diets as well.


It might look weird to know but a recent research has shown that people who have a habit to use almond or other nuts regularly in their diet, they have 46% less chances of getting obese. The researchers tell the reason to be the proteins and fibers that are found in these nuts. They have quite low amount of fats in them, which is digested easily and comfortably. This gives a feeling of being full most of the time. Research has proved that almond and walnut have proved more useful in this regard.

Pop Corns

Replace your French fries with pop corns and you will be amazed to see the results. One cup of pop corns contains only 30 calories and it adds 5 grams of fiber to the body. One thing to keep in mind is that pop corns should not be fried in excessive oil or butter. Adding black pepper and olive oil increases the benefits many folds.

Spicy meals

Some medical reports have shown that spicy foods also help reduce body weight. The secret lies in the green chilies, which contain a chemical ingredient capsaicin that decreases the feeling of hunger. Experts are of the view that adding chilies to the food help you control your body weight, in addition to making your meals tasty.


Very few people are aware of the fact that thirst helps you feel hunger as well. To get rid of thirst is the best way to keep a distance from obesity. Drinking plenty of water gives you a feeling of fulfilment and you eat less. Adding vegetables to your soup or salad that contain more water help, you eat less. Drinking two glasses of water before every meal helps a lot in getting your weight under control.


People who eat watery fruits like watermelon, grape fruit, or berries have a feeling of a full stomach earlier than expected. This helps the less intake of calories. Eating fruits rich in fiber like apple, banana and apricot help to keep a feeling of a full stomach for longer period.


Cereals like oat help a lot in keeping the body healthy. It helps to keep your hunger under control for many hours.

Chicken and other proteins

Proteins are best for the muscles. They also improve the functions of metabolism. You can control your increasing body weight by adding chicken, eggs and fish to your diet but the amount should be controlled.


People who skip breakfast are more prone to obesity. This has been proved by medical science. According to medical experts, a nutritious breakfast in the morning improves the process of metabolism and helps to avoid eating more during the rest of the day. Eating sandwich, yogurt and fruit in the breakfast is the best practice.

Dark chocolate

Taking a small amount of dark chocolate is enough for the requirement of sugar in the body. This further helps you avoid high calorie items like cakes, biscuits and ice cream. According to a research in California University, people who often use chocolate have their body weight under control.

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