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8 Reasons to Love Bananas

Bananas white backgroundIf you are looking for something not very expensive and full of energy, bananas are there for you. If you want to enjoy a milk shake, just add banana to milk, blend well and there it is with all the good ingredients. If your child is growing now and you want to shift him or her to some solid diet, peel a banana, mesh it well and use it as a diet for the little angels.

Bananas are good to use in any gathering whether it be a birthday party or an outside picnic. It is sweet and healthy and can be carried easily during travelling. According to dieticians, eating this fruit which is full of potassium, reduces the early death up to 20%. This is therefore a solid reason to add banana in your diet. Here are some of the interesting facts about this miraculous fruit that you might not know till now.

A source full of energy

You feel quite energized after eating bananas. That is the reason those who for regular exercise on daily basis enjoy a couple of bananas before they start. This helps to keep them energetic and controls the sugar level as well in the blood. Bananas help in muscle fatigue after and during the physical exercise. It also helps keep the limbs relaxed.

A fruit full of happiness

Bananas keep the attitude positive and help control the feeling of hopelessness. The main reason for this is presence of an amino acid called tryptophan in it. When this amino acid turns into crystals, it gives a pleasant feeling to the mind. Thus banana helps you have a pleasant mood. It also reduces the chances of getting sick during weather changes. It maintains a healthy blood sugar level as well as reduces stress. It also reduces the chances of nausea.

Banana – best friend of your heart

Banana, being full of potassium, has been proved to be effective in controlling blood pressure, heart attack and strokes. In addition to using table salt to control blood pressure, Doctors also recommend banana for that purpose. It also contains fiber, vitamin C, and B-6. All these vitamins are considered best for a healthy heart.

Being smart

Try eating some bananas before a test or putting any suggestion to solve a problem. The potassium in banana will keep you active and fast and smart.

Good for stomach

The starch and soon to be digested enzymes help in digestion and help excrete waste and poisonous substances from the body. Whether its constipation or diarrhea, banana is helpful in both cases. It helps in regulating digestive tract and streamline the electrolytes. It also helps healthy bacteria in the stomach to grow further. During heart burns, stomach internal injuries, banana is very helpful.

A great help to reduce weight

If you are maintaining your body weight well but still wish to get some sugar or sugary diet, go for bananas then. Fruits with low calories are full of fibers which help to reduce the digestive speed in the digestive tract. As a result you feel filled stomach for longer times. This contributes in eating less which ultimately reduced body weight.

Get rid of stress

Making potassium a part of your diet helps control heart and pulse rate. This in return helps in good supply of oxygen to the brain. Water level in the body is also maintained this way and metabolism is regularized. All these healthy activities reduce stress in the body and you feel relaxed.

Beneficial for eye sight

Bananas, being a good source of vitamin a and beta keratin, help stabilize the system that works to bring light to the retina. This in result improves the eye sight.

Apart from these benefits, bananas are also helpful and general health because they have vitamins c that helps in reducing the materials that could cause cancer in the body. The fiber present in banana reduces the risk of colon cancer. Blood deficiency can also be controlled with iron present in banana as it speeds up hemoglobin production in the body. Less removal of calcium through urination contributes in developing stronger bones.

Eating a banana during summer reduces your body temperature and keeps you cool.

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