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8 benefits for early risers

Early to bed, early to rise

Early to bed, early to rise

Lose an hour in the morning and you will be hunting for it the whole day. Science has proved that early risers prove more successful in life than the night owls do. It is only possible to get up early in the morning if you have a complete and deep sleep in the night. Moreover, that would only be possible if you go to bed early. Going to bed early has its own benefits. You can read it here. I have tried to summarize some of the great benefits of getting up early in the morning. The list is not final and this is something from my personal experience. Some might have experienced other benefits as well.


You will find no kids yelling, no traffic noise, no babies crying, and no television noise. It is all silent. This is the best time to concentrate on something important. Early morning hours are so peaceful that you can do much in less time because concentration on the task is 100%. You can plan the rest of your day, go for a walk, read books of your interest at that time. Efforts should be made to get the best out of these early hours of the day.

The Sunrise

If you wake up early, you will have the opportunity to watch the sun rising. As everything is calm and silent at the moment, this is an amazing scene to watch the sun coming out of nowhere. You will really enjoy the beauty of nature at this time. How the sun gradually comes up, how the sunrays spread on the sky and how the shadows start to make up, all this is amazing to watch.


Rise early and you will never miss a breakfast. Science has proved that breakfast is necessary for good health. It is one of the important meals of the day that should not be missed. One bad thing about getting up late is that breakfast is often skipped due to shortage of time

Time for exercise

Getting up early gives you enough time to go for exercise or do it at home, whatever is convenient for you. This further helps you remain healthy. You feel active throughout the day. Morning is the best time for exercise.

Increased productivity

Working early in the morning has always yielded good results in work as well as studies. It is because we are all focused on our work at that time that results in doing more within less time.

Avoiding traffic

No one likes to be hung up in the traffic while going to work in the morning. If you start your day early, you will be on the road ahead of time and will face less traffic. Flexible hours are practiced everywhere these days. So if you reach early, finish your work soon, and you will be heading back to home earlier that other people. This way you will be able to avoid heavy traffic while going to work as well as coming back to home.

Time for family

When you return home early from work, you will have enough time for your family. This will help a lot in balancing your family life, which is often very complicated mainly because everyone has no time to sit and talk together.

Extra hours

If you get up early, you will find your day comparatively longer than other with more hours to it. Plan your work accordingly and you will have a lot of time left to relax, enjoy with the family or for entertainment.

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