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7 Ways to Avoid Mental Stress

mental stress

mental stress

To get angry all of a sudden and cool down instantly, shouting on someone without any reason and spitting out the anger on someone else but repenting afterwards, these are all the signs of mental stress. Here are some ways you can use to reduce your mental stress and control your anger.

Love yourself

You feel angry when something feels bad to you and this happens when mind is occupied with negative thoughts. To avoid this situation, love yourself and think positive. Always keep in mind that negative thinking increases the blood pressure which results in anger. In such a situation, stand before a mirror and focus your eyes on your face, feel yourself and look at your own pictures. According to a research, this self-realization results in the secretion of some specific chemicals in the body which changes the mode to be happy and you start feeling contented.

Keep your hands warm

At the time when you feel your anger level is increasing, rub your hands against each other to generate heat. This will warm up your hands and blood flow in the system during anger will slow down. You might have noticed that whole of your body turns hot when you are in anger. Blood circulation increases in the body at that time. To control this situation, whenever you feel anger, start rubbing your hands.

Get involved in plantation

According to a research done in Holland, to look after the plants for half an hour is as effective as reading an interesting book in a calm room. Another research claims that you get involved with soil while looking after the plants. This contact with soil exposes you to certain elements in it which are helpful in reducing mental stress and you are able to focus well. So, spend about half an hour daily on the look after of plants. If you lack space in your home, you can have some green plants in pots and bottles. You can also get same benefits by taking care of fish aquarium.

Have a deep breath

Scientists suggests that deep breathing is essential to control anger. This process makes the nervous system more effective and alert which slows down the speed of heart to circulate blood. This ultimately reduces mental stress and anger. So whenever you are angry, have a deep breath at least thrice and exhale.

Take whole grain food

If you are feeling too much anger, the best way to get rid of it is to eat whole grain food. After about half an hour of eating this food, you will feel better. Scientists say that carbohydrates increase the amount of glucose in the blood which increases the level of serotonin in the neurotransmitters that carry message towards the brain. To reduce mental stress and anger, take at least 30 grams of carbohydrates on daily basis.

Help others

To sacrifice one’s own interests to see someone else happy is the unique feeling in this world that is hard to express in words. You might have had that feeling after your donate something to a poor and needy. If not, start doing that today. By doing so, you not only help others but yourself as well. You can read here some benefits of why we should help others.

Keep smiling

A smile can always help you. Keep smiling. If you are going through a tough time, a little smile can help you get out of the situation easily. You will not fall a victim to anger and you will get used to positive thinking. So keep smiling and keep spreading the happiness to all you can. You can read here some benefits of smiling.

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