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7 Simple Tips to Clean Your Home Easily

It is a great art to keep your home clean but most of the people don’t know what the best way to clean a microwave oven is or how to clean kitchen sink in minutes. Actually there are a lot of simple things available around you which could be helpful to keep the home clean and could help you avoid expensive chemicals and sprays. You should try them to believe them.

Brighten your dirty kitchen sink

cleaning theIf your kitchen sink looks dirty all the time and you want to keep it clean without hours of hard work, then vinegar can help you a lot on this. If you have a sink made of stainless steel, soak a cloth in vinegar and rub it on the sink surface. Your greasy sink will shine like new in a few minutes.

Cleaning the microwave oven

cleaning microwave oven

cleaning microwave oven

Never try to clean the oven by rubbing something in it. Just add 1-2 tea spoons of lemon juice in a pan full of water. Put the pan in the oven and run it for 5 minutes. The water will evaporate and will loosen the greasy material clogged on the inner surface. Later remove it softly with a cloth.

Another tip is to add half a cup ammonia in a pot and keep it in the oven for the whole night. This will loosen all clotted material. Next morning, just clean it gently with a cloth.

How to get rid of burnt utensils

cleaning burnt pots

cleaning burnt pots

You will need vinegar and baking soda for this. First of all, put boiled water and vinegar in the burnt pot so that burnt remains of food could be removed. Later clean the pot with baking soda. This will clean the pot with minimum effort.

Polishing floor tiles

cleaning-floor-tilesTo remove dust stuck between floor tiles, make a mixture of baking soda and water. Pour this mixture on the floor and then use a tooth brush to remove the stuck dust between tiles. Dust will be removed and tiles will shine like new after this treatment.

To polish silver pots and ornaments

ornament polish

ornament polish

Tomato ketchup has multiple uses. It not only adds taste to the food, you can also use it to shine your silver pots and ornaments which has lost their shine with time. Put a small amount of ketchup on a pot you want to clean. Keep it covered for about 30 minutes and then wash it with clean water. Ornaments like ring, bracelet can be cleaned with ketchup by keeping them dipped in it in a plate for some time and later washing it. You can also use a toothbrush immersed in ketchup to clean such items.

Cleaning the fridge and removing its bad odor

cleaning-fridgeMake a mixture of baking soda in water. Rinse a cloth in this mixture and clean the internal parts of the fridge with this cloth. The inner portion of fridge will start shining and the bad odor will also go away.

Cleaning the water taps

cleaning water tap

cleaning water tap

After continuous usage, spots appear on taps due to water. Sometimes minerals accumulate on them and make them look dirty. A simple way to remove these spots is to rub parts of lemon on the tap. It will remove the spots. Later use a cloth to further brighten the tap.

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