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7 habits that contribute to obesity

habits that contribute to obesityObesity develops not only through food only but also through our habits and routines. These habits may seem harmless apparently but actually participate in increasing body weight. The situation could be further complicated by developing different diseases.

Making the use of cold drinks a habit

Are you using one or two cans of cold drinks daily and can’t avoid it? If yes, obesity is not much far from you. It has been discovered through many research reports that using 1-2 cans of cold drinks daily speeds up the obesity by five times. The main reason is the use of sugar in these drinks that encourages you to take in more food and you start taking additional calories.

Using larger meal plate

Whether it is noon or night, the size of your plate at meal matters a lot. According to a research, people who prefer to have large sized plates, they eat more that is often more than what is required by their body. As a result, the additional food transforms into fat in the body and the person turns bulky.

Eating late at night

If your stomach is full to capacity when you are going to sleep, the digestive system does not work well and the waist size increases as a result. Eating late at night and sleeping with full stomach results in acidity and lack of digestion of food.

Eating in anger, hopelessness and sadness

Eating in severe emotional situation does not improve the mental condition but this adds to waist size.

Frequent use of low fat food

Most people think that high fat food results in gain in waist size. In reality, fat food is not bad for you but the food with very low fat can be a reason to gain weight because it has increased amount of sugar in it. The more sugar we use, the more chances are there to accumulate fat in the body.

Lack of sleep

Adults needs 7-9 hours daily sleep at an average. If you are suffering from lack of sleep, the amount of a hormone called cortisol increases in the body. This results in having more desire to eat sweet things having sugar. Thus, lack of sleep actually participates in gaining body weight.

Using less protein in daily diet

Balanced proteins in the food keep digestive system of the body fully functional and controls the desire of eating more and more. As a result, you develop a balanced body. If things are opposite to this, the result is obvious, that is obesity.

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