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6 Natural ways to control blood pressure

Natural ways to control blood pressure

Natural ways to control blood pressure

Blood pressure is often termed as a ‘silent killer’. It increases the chances of heart stroke and other complications. You can keep your blood pressure under control by following some simple and natural ways. Here are the six ways that help you keep your blood pressure normal.

Reducing body weight

It has been proved by scientists that blood pressure increases with increase in body weight. Keeping one’s body weight under control is the best way to secure oneself from the danger of increased blood pressure. This will further help you avoid many heart complications.

Healthy diet

A diet full of vegetables and fruits is considered a good way of keeping your blood pressure low. According to many research reports, the use of vegetables, cereals and healthy fats like the one in the nuts and olive oil is good for a healthy heart. It reduces the chances of swelling or inflammation in the body and blood vessels remain healthy, clean and strong.


Physical activities are always helpful in controlling the blood pressure. Thirty minutes to one hour of exercise a week helps keep the blood pressure normal. Even walking a distance on daily basis is good for a healthy heart.

Reducing usage of Caffeine

Even if you are not suffering from blood pressure, avoiding excessive use of caffeine is good for health because this increases the heartbeat and blood pressure. It is yet to be known how it affects blood pressure but this has been confirmed that it does contribute in increasing blood pressure in the body. So taking more than four cups of coffee in a day is enough to make you a victim of blood pressure.

Recreation and entertainment

Excessive mental tension contributes pressure increase in blood vessels. According to American Heart Association, tension increases the heart rate and blood vessels shrink which results in temporary increase in blood pressure. To keep tension and mental health under control is necessary for an overall healthy life. The best way to do that is to engage in recreation and entertainment in your routine life. This definitely helps overcome mental stress.

Avoiding smoking

Nicotine in the tobacco increases blood pressure. People who are chain-smokers always have increased blood pressure. Avoiding smoking helps keep the blood pressure under control and further heart complications are minimized.

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