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6 Mistakes That Will Make You Old Soon

bad habits

bad habits

You might have known some 80-90 years persons in life who are physically active and are ready to do any sort of task assigned. You would also be knowing some 40-50 year people who are not even able to move by themselves.

In fact, there are certain habits that fasten up your speed towards old age. But to know those habits and by avoiding them, you can help delay the aging process in your life.

Bad nutritional habits

Malnutrition is the definite cause of early old age. Junk food, sweet or meals rich in fats speed up this journey towards old age. While using food less in calories and rich in nutrition would help you avoid that quick journey. These meals include fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat.

Lack of sleep

If you are not taking proper nap, whole of your body is affected. Sleep is one of the most important ingredients of a healthier and happier life because it helps brain function efficiently. Along with that, it also recharges the physical systems. You can read benefits of sleep that we get in this article. Lack of sleep results in body weight gain, cancer and other medical complications.


Stress at times is good for body as it gives us the courage to move forward by secreting certain hormones. But when it becomes a routine, these hormones cause headache and heartache. Consistent stress in life make you older in your younger days.

Lack of physical activities

Keeping sitting all the time is fatal for our body. This habit affects the performance of body muscles and have negative effects on metabolism. The person starts aging quickly. A strenuous exercise is not necessary. A daily walk for a few minutes can also have positive impacts on the body.


If you are addicted to smoking or drugs, these spoil your body faster than you can imagine. Smoking one cigarette can harm your DNA in 15 minutes. It is always better to avoid it. Smoking also increases the risks of an early death.

Ignoring the risk elements

If high blood pressure or high blood glucose level are not diagnosed at the right time, these prove to be body spoiling conditions. The problem is most people come to know about them when it’s too late and when there is heart attack or paralysis. Then it becomes too late to cure or take preventive measures for the disease. It is always advisable to go through medical tests every few months to keep an eye on the symptoms of diseases so that they could be taken care of on time.

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