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6 Benefits of Going to Bed Early You Should Know

early to bed‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’ is a famous quote we all hear in our childhood when our seniors advise us to wake up early in the morning. This is actually very true. When a person wakes up early in the morning after his complete sleep cycles, he is fresh, energetic, and willing to do even the toughest jobs. Days and nights have also been created for a specific purpose. Days are to work while nights are to take rest. Darkness prevails at night forcing us to go to bed to get rest. Certain hormones of the body are secreted during sleep. If our sleep is not complete, the activity of those hormones is not completed which affects our health. This is a cycle of nature and if we do not follow this cycle, we will lose a number of benefits some of which we seldom care or consider. This article mentions some of the benefits of going to bed early and importance of sleep in keeping us healthy.

Weight loss

If you stay up late, you tend to eat late. When you go to sleep right after taking food, the food is not properly digested and accumulates in the body in the form of fats. In addition, you are most likely to skip the breakfast because you do not feel hungry. This creates a kind of irregularity in your intake of meals. On the other hand, if you eat early, and go to bed early, the food taken gets enough time to be useful part of the body. You feel hungry in the morning and enjoy your breakfast. Scientists believe that take breakfast helps control your body weight.

One effective way to control your body weight is to have your full sleep during night and this is only possible when you go to bed early.

Better and complete sleep

Studies have proved that staying up until late habits have proved of no benefits. Instead, they are main cause of sleep insomnia and people feel sleep deprived. Your sleep is disturbed which ultimately affects your health. If you go to bed early, you will have complete sleep and feel better and fresh in the morning. This is the true science of sleep.

Prolific Morning

Human bodies have been designed biologically in a way that staying up late at night is against nature for them. If you do it forcefully, it has negative effects on your health. If you follow the natural cycle and go to bed early, next morning you wake up energetic and full of enthusiasm and are ready to start any activity no matter how difficult it is.

Less chances of heart attack and cancer

Studies have confirmed that people who go to bed late have their arteries stiffened that ultimately leads to heart attack. Those who go to bed at early hours have relaxed arteries. Thus going to bed early keeps your heart healthy. As sleeping early helps keep your heart healthy, the risk of cancer is also reduced to great extent.

Continuous Sleep

Night shift workers never really get used to their routine of working at night. They always suffer from lack of sleep. During the day, they try to complete their sleep in fragments of 2-3 hours but can’t sleep or are unable to get deep sleep and this is not as effective as sleeping continuously during the night. They feel bored and are always tired during their work. Sleep deprivation is the main cause of their low performance. Those who enjoy their complete sleep at night are always active and fresh.

Better time management

If you go to bed early and wake up early, you have a long day ahead. You can easily divide your activities of the day according to the available time. Thus, you will get more time for relaxation and leisure. William Blake and rightly said on a day’s time management, ‘Think in the morning, act in the noon, eat in the evening, sleep in the night’. He also believes the best time for mental activity is the morning and this is only possible if you have your complete sleep in the night.


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