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14 Easy Tips To Reduce Bulky Belly

How to reduce bulky belly

How to reduce bulky belly

Nobody likes the bulky belly increasing in size every day. Men and women both become worried about their increasing waist and belly. It seems an uphill task to get rid of this. But there are some simple and easy ways to melt the extra fat accumulate around the belly. If you follow these tips, you will be able to reduce your belly to a reasonable size in a few weeks.

Remove the salt shaker from dining table

Moderate use of salt is good for health because it is essential for a healthy heart and brain. But excessive use of salt in the food results in water deficiency in the body and contributes to increasing belly size. To reduce body weight, it is necessary to reduce salt usage in the meal.

Avoid chewing gum

Most people use chewing to avoid extra meals or to get rid of any addiction but it has an unexpected side effect and that is increase in belly size. Whoever chews the chewing gums also carries in some amount of air which results in gas trouble and other stomach complications increasing the belly size. The artificial sweetness added to the chewing also urges to go for junk food which are the major reasons for weight increase.

Chew properly

If you swallow your food quickly, this is expected to result in increasing your waistline. To follow eating manners not only keep your friends and relatives happy, it also helps in giving a proper shape to your belly.

Reduce sugar intake

No doubt sweet things are delicious but their excessive use is not good for the body. These are not only full of calories but also increase our waist line. This can also result to insulin sensitivity which results in additional fat around the abdomen. If you want to reduce your waist line, keeping away from sugar is the best policy.

Avoid constipation

Severe constipation is quite common these days and it affects the whole body particularly swelling and pain in the abdominal region. Home remedies are often useful to get rid of constipation without any side effects.

Take proper sleep

In today’s lifestyle, sleep duration is gradually decreasing. As a result people have to pay in the form of different diseases, mostly the obesity. Only a 30 minute less sleep a night can result in weight gain which could result in bulky belly.

Reduce junk food

The main reason junk food contributes to weight gain is that it contains higher amount of salt in it but we seldom realize that. Salt is present in almost everything from soup to pasta and even in sweet items. If you prefer fresh food, vegetables or meat instead of junk food, this would be a great help to your stomach and belly and will contribute to reduce body weight.

Maintain a proper use of drinks

If you want to get rid of the extra weight, you need to pay attention to your glass as well, in addition to your plate. Milk and cold drinks can result in bulky belly. The main reason for this is the decrease in efficiency to digest lactose. However, fresh milk is not as harmful as soft drinks. Whether they are regular or diet, they are a reason for weight gain.

Prefer plain water

If many drinks add to waist line, there is one that reduces it for sure and that is water. It saves the body from dehydration which keeps the belly flattened. More use of water also helps in less hunger and the stomach fills earlier with less food.

Don’t forget the fruits

Fruits like berries, cherry, apple and oranges are full of Vitamin C which reduce stomach swelling. If you keep these fruits at a prominent place in the house, you prefer them eating for a light hunger.

Stand properly

Do you want a flat belly in two seconds? Then stand straight. Bending while walking results in bulky belly but keeping the backbone straight, you look tall and slim. This is definitely not a permanent solution but proper standing posture also have medical benefits besides adding to an attractive personality.

Avoid stress

Stress increases the secretion of cortisol hormone in the body and this hormone contributes fat accumulation around the belly. Stress is always bad for health, not only weight gain and it results in further health complications.

Stay away from multimedia devices

Your smartphone, tablet and television affect the size of your waist. Preferred sitting while using these devices reduces physical activities and calories are not burnt. The blue light emitting for these devices affects body clock and results in less sleep which further contributes to bulky belly.

Quit smoking

Are you still look for a valid reason to quit smoking when you already know that it results in cancer? This habit definitely contributes to obesity. The smoking actually causes fat accumulation around the abdomen and the waistline increases.

This essay is for general guidance of the readers. The readers should consult their doctor for any specific conditions.

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