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12 Strange Reasons for Depression



Have you ever faced hopelessness or depression? There is no one in the world who is not a victim of mental torture due to miseries, economic difficulties, unemployment and other matters. If none of these is the reason of your depression and you are unable to find a valid reason for your situation, you will then be surprised to know that there are some strange things that may make you hopeless. The most interesting thing is that people are often not aware of them. You will be surprised to know these reasons.

How weather

Pleasant weather is commonly associated with winter but this is a fact that a hot weather can be a reason for your depression. It happens when the summer gets unexpectedly lengthy or the body is unable to adjust itself with the hot weather. According to Oregon health and Science University, if there is difficulty in adjusting the body with the hot weather, it creates an imbalance of hormones and brain chemistry that leads to depression.


This is a general understanding that hopeless people fall victim to smoking. However, the fact is that the nicotine in the tobacco affects the activities of brain transmission, which results in excessive release of hormones that cause a change in attitude, or we can say increase mental depression.

Throat problems

If thyroid gland present in the throat is not producing enough thyroxin, the depression in the body increases. This hormone controls the activities and hormones of the brain. If you feel cold during depression or feeling scared, it is better consult your doctor.

Sleeping habits

This is not surprising that bad sleeping habits result in irritation, which further increases the chances of depression. According to a medical research, due to sleep deficiency, damaged brain cells do not get repaired which results in hopelessness.

Excessive Facebook Usage

Are you spending too much time on Facebook? It has been proved through many research reports that this habit leads to depression. Young people are particularly affected by this habit. Due to internet habits, people are reluctant to talk to their fellow beings in real life. Absence of a companion results in depression.

End of a movie or a TV show

When an important thing like a TV show or a movie or house renovation ends, this develops depression in some people. It was noticed during a research when the last part of Harry Potter series was released. People had become used to it and became forgetful of their real life problems. This resulted in a situation of hopelessness.

Place of residence

This is an ongoing debate about benefits or rural and urban life but science believes that people living in cities are 40% more prone to attitude changes as compared to rural people. People are busier in cities than those in rural areas, which enhances the difficulties of the brain in regulating the tension. This gradually develops into depression.

Multiple Options

If you have multiple options available, for example, if you want to buy your breakfast and many things are available, it becomes hard to decide which one to go for. Then the race to find the best one starts and this attitude causes depression.

Lack of fish in the food

Very less use of omega 3 fatty acids available in fish greatly increases the risk of depression. According to a research, these fatty acids regulate neurotransmitters, which help us avoid depression.

Unhealthy relations with siblings

Although any bad relation could result to depression but a research disclosed that, the people who do not have pleasant relations with their siblings have high chances of developing depression. According to the researchers, relationship with siblings helps to learn social behavior but the unpleasant relations don not help much in the development of this behavior. This leads to depression later in life.

Contraception pills

Side effects of contraception pills are a reality now. Their usage results in depression in women. It does not happen with every woman using the pills but the chances increase.

Sleeping pills

Usage of many type of medication may also result in depression; particularly taking sleeping pills have such results. Sometimes the person attempts to commit suicide due to excessive usage of such pills.

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